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Rupert Murdoch sells Fox value and keeps the friction

The New York Times published an interesting look inside the folding of 21st Century Fox into the Walt Disney Company:

For a time Mr. Murdoch’s enterprise looked like an entertainment company with a newspaper problem, with glitzy Hollywood assets and lucrative Fox News keeping Mr. Murdoch’s true love, printed papers, afloat.

But 21st Century Fox soon faced the same economic headwinds affecting other traditional media companies that have been disrupted by the rise of digital: customers cut the cable cord and streamed TV shows and movies on multiple devices. At the same time, Fox News, the highly rated basic cable channel and a big moneymaker, has suffered setbacks after a series of sexual harassment allegations at the network led to high-level departures and costly legal settlements.

Murdoch has chosen to keep his favorite toys; the print and broadcast parts of his empire. But to my eyes, Fox's long term value now belongs to Disney, namely its content creation and streaming businesses.

Shane Guiter
The ultimate Apple product

A great Wallpaper Magazine profile of Apple design chief, Jony Ive, and the iPhone makers new $5 billion campus.

The office space in The Ring is, within limits, configurable. Teams can choose if they want to work in individual offices or open spaces. Each floor in each segment has a central area with an oak meeting table and glass whiteboards that open to reveal huge TV screens. More random interaction is intended and engineered to happen in the circling corridor and on the staircases (there are 32 in the building and they are a particular point of pride for Ive and the Foster + Partners architects). Each segment also houses a central atrium. The true hub of the building, though, is the café, with seating for 4,000 and one the biggest kitchens in the US. At the outside edge two 85 x 54ft moveable glass doors are designed to open the space up to the Bay Area’s natural benevolence.

As a part of this month's issue of Wallpaper, Ive was recruited to design the issue's cover.

Shane Guiter
Field Notes celebrates tenth anniversary

My favorite brand of notebooks is celebrating it's tenth anniversary. During a recent live recording of Relay FM's Pen Addict podcast at Field Notes Brand HQ, co-founder Jim Coudal announced that the team is shipping out a special Anniversary 3-Pack of notebooks to all subscribers to commemorate the milestone.

Yes, you can subscribe to get special edition notebooks shipped to you quarterly.

Field Notes brand notebooks are small, and virtually indestructible. They are modeled after the promotional memo books distributed to American farmers over the last hundred years by seed, tractor, and other agricultural companies. 

Each special edition notebook is designed by Field Notes co-founder, Aaron Draplin, who is the author of the book Pretty Much Everything.


Shane Guiter
This is my next thing

For more than fifteen years, I have been engaged in one form of social media or another. Back then, being an early adopter of My Space and  Friendster, or Tumblr and Twitter, made me feel special. Being connected to each another on the Internet seemed like the vanguard of something big. We had an inside track. We knew where the future was pointing, and we were running out in front of everyone. I believed in the promise of the Internet.

After all of these years, and followers, and mentions, and updates, I have realized that I'm tired of it all. For a while now, I have felt a sense of dread and loathing every time I open Twitter, Instagram, and especially Facebook. I've tried all the games for coping with the burnout. I've taken breaks. I've removed social apps from my phone.  I've created crazy rules for myself for checking my timelines or writing posts. But non of these tricks and techniques has worked.

Here's the thing: I'm worried that the noise and outrage and the FOMO that has come to embody social media is clouding my view of what comes next. That my obsession with what is happening RIGHT NOW is keeping me from missing the next BIG IDEA. 

I still believe in the internet, but I want to explore it in a different way. I'm going to slow down, and speed up, and catalog big ideas and small ones. And hopefully, get a glimpse of what comes next.

Shane Guiter